Artist Statement

My present work is photographic, digital imagery working with iPhone 6s, drawing, painting, and mixed media. Experimenting with many different techniques and materials to achieve the desired effect is pure joy.  My passion concerns color, light, and balance.  Daily I search for words or notes of inspiration that may alter my work.

The ocean touches my soul.  It is my moving meditation.  I am drawn to its exhilarating power.  Washed ashore objects of history from another life or many lives entice me. I am curious of their journey, wondering how they landed here in my hand and eventually into my artwork. I beach walk almost daily with Cleo, my pet and friend. She scales cliffs as if on air, a gazelle from another world!

Hokusai says ~  “keep doing what you love.”

My Work

My work has shown at the Atkinson Gallery, Westmont Museum of Art, Contributing Artist to CALM.  I have studied at The University of Minnesota, Ryerson University, Ontario College of Art, UCSB, Santa Barbara City College, and Antioch University.